About Us

Wright Metal Finishing

Wright Metal Finishing began in November 2001, prior to that Chris Kosub had worked under Mr Wright at Sid Wright Co.  With the passing of Mr Wright in March 2001, Chris was only a year out of high school and was attending evening college classes,  was compelled to open his own shop.  With strong support from his parents and then  girl friend, (Future Mrs Kosub) Wright Metal Finishing, LLC opened.

In 2006 the company added its most important asset CJ Davenport, CJ has a critical eye for detail.  CJ is the driving force in the shop, His addition was important for the quality our customers have come to expect from us. In 2016 Wright Metal Finishing was lucky to hire Sharon Bunton, she keeps the shop organized and communications with our customers up to date.   In the shop we have James Kosub, who runs the production, he is driven and cares about our quality that leaves our doors.  Another great addition to our company is Jullian Ramirez, Jullian is willing to help in all aspects of our day to day operations.   

As owner of this company,  I believe my employees are family.  On a minute by minute basis my employees make decisions that represent my vision of our company.  I couldn't be more grateful to have such a great team.